The most popular moving home season is usually summer. That is not only because that time of the year offers great weather, but also because kids are on a school break, which makes the process a little less hectic and stressful. However, we don’t always get the chance to schedule our relocation for the summer or the spring. Sometimes we have no choice but to do that in the winter. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, there are a few things you need to consider when planning your move.


In the back of your mind, always remember that in the winter it gets dark quite early. Therefore, do not wait until late in the afternoon to move your items and furniture. Still, do not start too early either, because roads tend to be icier and more slippery in the morning. That, however, does not mean that you should start packing your possessions around midday either. Do that in the morning or even on the day before. Don’t underestimate this particular stage of the moving house processes, as it can take a lot of time.


Speaking of packing, don’t forget that some of the items you own can be very sensitive to extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, like paintings and electronics. When you prepare these possessions for the transportation stage, make sure you pack them in more than one box. You can even wrap a blanket around your TV, computer screen or anything that relies on LCD screen technology. In that way, your devices will be better insulated and protected from the freezing weather outside. Also, it is best if you move these possessions with a temperature regulated vehicle.

The snow

To avoid accidents and delays, keep the passage to the moving van or car clear of any snow and ice. Clean the space in front of your old and new home. That will enable you to smoothly carry and load all the boxes onto the vehicle. If you move during a day with a heavy snowfall, make sure you use the shovel more frequently. Simply said, do your best to keep your passage from your home to the transit van as snow-free as possible.

Find help

Reduce the burden by asking your friends to give you a hand. An even better idea would be to hire a moving company. Having a team of professionals by your side will make everything faster and easier. Licensed movers rely on modern equipment and tools. Also, they have experience when it comes to planning and executing winter-time relocations and they know how to properly pack possessions of any material and size. Nevertheless, find a company that has temperature-regulated and properly sanitized trucks, especially if you own a big collection of paintings or expensive electronic gadgets. Otherwise, you risk damaging your personal possessions.

Last, but not least don’t forget to:

  • Put on warm clothes
  • Pack your snow shovel last
  • Check the weather forecast in advance
  • Prepare and equip your vehicle for the trip