Domestic relocations can be costly but this doesn’t mean that people with limited funds cannot afford to book professionals movers and go through a smooth and swift move. Here are several tips which will allow you to not only hire the assistance that you need but also save some money along the way.

  1. Weed your belongings

The more items you take with you the greater your moving costs will be. So, instead of taking all your possession with you, sit down with your family and go through your belongings by sorting them into tree piles: to keep, to donate and to throw away. Also don’t end up taking with you cheap and common items which you can purchase once your relocation is over. Once you are done filtering your items, start packing the objects from the first stack. The second stack you should to a charity organization of your choosing and make a good deed. Just make sure that you don’t donate items which are in poor condition. The last stack you should haul to a garbage depot. Keep in mind that some movers offers waste clearance services, so you can opt to leave this task to professional contractors.

  1. Find free boxes

Packing supplies can be expensive, especially if you buy wooden crates, hardtop containers and furniture blankets. An easy way to save money from packing would be to go to your local grocery store or supermarket and ask for empty boxes. Keep in mind that these cartons won’t protect your belongings flawlessly but you can’t expect more from free materials. You should also know that some moving companies make special discounts to people who bundle their relocation services with their packing options, so you should consider this approach as well.

  1. Move during the week

DollarsMost people tend to move during the weekend which is why licensed movers are busier and therefore charge higher. By deciding to move during the week you will not only save a significant amount of money but you will have to deal with less traffic. Keep in mind that some relocation firms offer lucrative mid-week discounts.

  1. Avoid relocating between June and August

The summer is the busiest season for movers and the relocation rates are at their highest. So, unless you most move urgently, postpone your move from the period between September and May. However, try to evade relocating during the winter as the task may become too complicated and laborious which will automatically elevate the mover’s fee.

  1. Hire a smaller team of movers

The more relocation technicians work on your move, the most money you will have to pay. So, instead of booking an entire team of movers, hire only a driver and a carrier, and help with the packing, loading and unloading (make sure to lift things safely). This will instantly lower your relocation costs. The only downside of this option is that it will certainly prolong the execution of your move.

As you can see there are ways to benefit more reliable and top quality moving services by but breaking bank and spending all your savings on your relocation.