If you are a small business owner or a startup company, office relocation may be a costly experience for your firm. There are quite a lot of expenses that you need to worry about – legal fees, taxes, transportation and etc. So, whether you like it or not, there will be many moving costs which you will have to cover. Yet, that does not mean you cannot reduce some of your relocation expenses by relying on:

  • Smart planning
  • As much assistance as you can get
  • The furniture and equipment that you already have

Plan Ahead

Start planning the move as early as you can. Start by preparing a budget. Make it as detailed as possible by including the approximate sum of money you will need to spend on utilities bills, rent and deposit for the new office, legal fees, taxes and everything else that comes to your mind. If you are planning to hire a team of professional movers or a cleaning company, add these expenses to the list. A really great idea would be to create a timeline of all the things you will need to do before you actually move, like printing new business cards or informing your partners and clients about the upcoming relocation of your office. In that way, you will have an easier time scheduling every stage of the moving office process, including picking a date for the relocation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sunny officeAll that may sound too complex and, in many ways, it is. That is why do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand or an advice. Involve your entire team in the relocation by giving each your employees a specific task – it may be anything from making an inventory or a contact list to packing equipment or organizing folders. Your family and friends may also join in the “fun.” That will not only speed up the process but it will also reduce your relocation expenses.

Remember that every mistake and delay may cost you the trust of your clients or the reputation of your business. Therefore, consider discussing your move with someone with a lot of experience and knowledge in office relocation. Schedule a meeting with an accountant if you need help setting your budget, calculating your moving costs or filling in documentation. Also, research the moving companies in your area and see what they are willing to offer you. Even if you do not hire a team of movers, you can still get some valuable moving and packing tips from relocation consultants.

Leave fancy upgrades for later

A new office deserves new equipment and furniture, right! Hold your horses – even if you have saved up for such an upgrade, leave it for later since it will not only increase your moving expenses, it will also put more tasks on your plate and will only make you feel very stressed and overwhelmed. You already have a lot of things to organize. Plus, transporting your old computers and desks to your new workspace is not as expensive as most people think it is, especially if you have spent enough time planning and preparing your office relocation.