Dogs are amazing. They give us unconditional love, protect us from potential dangers and basically make our lives more exciting and fun. This is why dog owners must return the favor and make sure that their beloved pets go through a stress-free and smooth relocation because moves don’t affect only humans but dogs as well.

Contact your vet

Get in touch with your dog’s veterinarian and collect your pet medical records and license. Also, ask your vet to refer to you well-reputed professionals who are based in close proximity to your new home. You can also demand your veterinarian to give you sleeping pills for your dog just in case its gets too exciting or nervous during the relocation.

Take your dog to your future household

If you can take your dog to his future home. This will allow your pet to get acquainted with his new domicile and surroundings. This way when the move is complete your dog won’t be fully shocked by coming to a totally unknown place. Many experts believe that his not only helps with the acclimatization but also reduces the stress-levels that your pet will experience until it get comfortable with its new home.

Hire pet-friendly movers

Not all moving companies have the necessary tools and expertise to properly carry out relocation which involve the moving of a pet. This is why it is preferable that you opt to work with movers who provide pet-friendly services, especially if you are facing a long distance relocation as they have the needed assets and vehicles to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your dog.

Pack your dog’s belongings last

Your pet will immediately notice that you are packing your possessions and stacking them in close proximity to the property’s entrance. This allow will not only stress your dog but also make it uncomfortable. This is why it is for the best that you pack his belongings last. This will more or less distract your pet from the things that you are doing as it will be able to play with his toys and, drink and eat from his bowl. Keep in mind that you mustn’t forget to pack the following items:

  • Pet passport
  • First aid-kit
  • Travel water dispenser
  • Pet ID tags
  • Dog collar and leash

Hide your dog during moving day

The fact that strangers will be going in and out from your home will certainly confuse and disturb your pet. Therefore lock your dog in a room to avoid any unwanted scenarios and have the movers pack and load the contact of that room last. When the time comes, enter the room, put on his collar and leach and take it for a walk while the technician which you have hired carry out your relocation. You should do the same upon your arrival at your new property, so that the movers can work in peace.

Spoil your dog

Once the move is over, spoil your dog by taking him to long walks and giving him treats. This will reduce the stress, help with the acclimatization and last but not aid you gain your pet’s forgiveness.