Kids and moving don’t get along. Numerous studies show that children experienced high levels of stress when their parents tell them that they are going to relocate to another place. This makes moving with kids extremely challenging, exhausting and traumatic. However there are ways to dial down the drama and if you keep reading you will learn how you can do that.

Get your children ready:

ChildrenGather your entire family around the dining table or in the living room and with the aid of your spouse, announce to your kids that you have decided to relocate. Keep in mind that as soon as you finish the sentence, you will be flooded with numerous questions, accusations and sharp words. Whatever you hear, don’t react to it. Instead, allow your children to vent their emotions and once they have calmed down, explain to them the reasons for your decision and honestly answer to all their questions. Note that you will have to repeat yourself at times, so charge yourself with patience as the family meeting will be long and stressful but it will be well worth it at the end.

Involve them in the preparation process:

The easiest way to make your children accept the reality of things is to involve them in the planning of the move. For example you can ask them to help you with:

  • Choosing of moving company that provides inner city and statewide moving services
  • The buying of reliable shielding products and the packing of your possessions
  • Grouping of your belongings into three piles: To keep, to donate and to throw away
  • The cleaning of your future home

The more involve they are with the organization of the move, the quicker they will accept that this is happening and stop resisting your decision.